Taranaki Radiology is part of the New Zealand Immigration Onshore Panel Physician’s network. This means that we are approved to perform NZ Immigration chest x-ray examinations at our Phoenix Dr’s location.

For x-ray immigration examinations for other countries you can attend choose to attend any of our x-ray locations: Phoenix Dr’s, MediCross or Stratford Health Centre.

Taranaki Radiology offers x-ray services on a walk-in or appointment basis at the following locations

  • 95 On Vivian Medical Hub – 95 Vivian Street, New Plymouth
  • MediCross – 8 Egmont Street, New Plymouth
  • Stratford Health Centre – Romeo Street, Stratford

Please note that New Zealand Immigration X-rays can only be performed at our 95 On Vivian Medical Hub – located at 95 Vivian Street, New Plymouth.


NZ Immigration policy requires that you must see an NZ Immigration accredited Panel Physician (GP) prior to your X-ray.

 In Taranaki the following GP practices are accredited Panel Physicians:

  • Devon Medical Centre, 283 Devon Street West, New Plymouth  Ph: 06 759 1888
  • Vivian Medical Centre, 56 Vivian Street, New Plymouth  Ph: 06 758 5015
  • Mountainview Medical, 65 Victoria Street, Hawera  Ph: 06 278 0104

When you attend for your chest x-ray please bring the following documents with you:

  • your x-ray referral form that the Dr will have given you at the time of your medical examination
  • your immigration documentation (detailing your eMedical case number)
  • a suitable identity document as you need to prove your identity when you have a chest x-ray.

Acceptable identity documents:

You can prove your identity using a valid, original passport.

If  you cannot provide a passport, we can accept one of these original documents as proof of your identity:

  • certificate of identity
  • a refugee travel document
  • a Russian internal passport
  • a national identity card with a photo.

The document must be an original we cannot accept copies.

Your driver’s licence is not a valid form of ID for this purpose.

    X-ray uses a small amount of radiation to generate the image it creates. The clinical benefits of medical imaging typically outweigh the potential risks of radiation exposure, but talk with your referrer or our technologists if you have any concerns.


    • We offer a walk-in service, so if you have your x-ray referral form, you can simply attend at your convenience.
    • Be sure to tell us if you are pregnant, breast feeding, or if there is a chance you may be pregnant.
    • When you arrive you will be welcomed and checked in. We will need to verify your identity and complete the required immigration checks and documentation.
    • Depending on the area to be examined you may need to get changed into a gown for your examination; some jewellery may also need to be removed. You will be able to leave your clothes and belongings securely in the changing room.
    • The technologist will position you in the x-ray machine for your chest x-ray. 
    • The technologist will ask you to stay as still as possible, as motion can blur the images.
    • The technologist will go behind a partial wall with a viewing window to be able to take the X-ray.
    • You will be given specific breathing instructions whilst the x-ray is taken.
    • When your x-ray examination is complete, you will be escorted back to the changing room so you can change out of the gown and back into your clothing.
    • Once you have paid your account, your appointment is complete.
    • After the examination, your images system will be sent to our Radiologist who will review the information and send a radiology report to the Doctor that referred you.
    • The x-ray images and radiology report will be uploaded to your online eMedical case by Taranaki Radiology.

    X-RAY FAQs

    What is an X-Ray?

    X-ray images are created using a machine that sends x-ray particles through the body. The x-ray particles themselves are called photons, and they allow a specialised digital plate and computer to capture the images that are created.

    Dense bodily structures, like bone or metal, can prevent most x-ray particles from traveling through them. On the x-ray image, this causes these structures to look white. If a structure contains air, it will appear black on the image created. Muscles, fat, and fluids appear in various grey shades.

    A chest x-ray produces an image of your heart, major blood vessels, lungs, and rib cage.

    How long does a chest X-ray take?

    A chest x-ray is a relatively quick procedure that usually takes less than 20 minutes from start to finish. However, for an immigration chest x-ray allow 30-40 minutes to allow for the necessary documentation to be completed.

    Service Location: 3 Locations

    95 On Vivian Medical Hub (For NZ Immigration)

    95 Vivian Street, New Plymouth

    9am-5:30pm weekdays (closed 12.30pm-1pm)

    Phone 06 759 4317 extension 709



    Richmond Centre, 8 Egmont Street, New Plymouth

    9am-5:30pm weekdays (closed 12.30pm-1pm)

    On-call for urgent cases at weekends and public holidays

    Phone 06 759 4317 extension 708

    South Taranaki

    Stratford Health Centre

    Corner of Miranda and Romeo Streets, Stratford

    Monday 1pm-5pm, Wednesday 8.30am-12.30pm, Friday 8:30am-12.30pm

    Phone 06 759 4317 extension 710